Online Piano Tutoring

Alice teaches online piano tutoring to adults and parents of preschoolers through to older children.

The day before each lesson Alice will send you an email with an outline of the lesson plan and objectives and a video to watch where Alice will talk you through the basics of what she will be teaching you or your child during your next lesson.  Alice will also send you supplementary activity sheets / worksheets, that we will be using during lesson (these are in addition to your method workbook).

​Then, on the following day, you will be present during our lesson, as naturally, you will be operating skype, whether it be from your laptop or computer, smart TV, ipad or tablet, or smart phone.  

For preschoolers and children, not only will you be setting up the technical logistics for the piano lesson over skype, but you will also need to sit with your child during our lesson.  ​Because Alice is not able to be physically present during the piano lesson, you will need to give Alice a hand, literally, and assist your child with the activities as Alice goes through them in the lesson.  
AFTER Lesson
During our piano lesson, Alice will have made a video recording of our piano lesson.  At the end of the lesson Alice will email you the following:
  1. A summary of the lesson notes.
  2. A link to a (private and unlisted) video of our lesson for you to re-watch, so that you can practise the activities again at home (with your child) during the week and before our next lesson.
  3. A homework worksheet for you to do at home (with your child) before our next lesson.  

​Before the next lesson please let Alice know via email if you have any questions and if you request Alice will be happy to phone you at your convenience to discuss any concerns you have, before our next scheduled lesson.


Technology for learning

It is useful if you set up your own free account on youtube.  You can then make video recordings of your practise at home and upload your videos as private and unlisted.  You can then send the video links to me to review so that Alice can check the fingerings and technique etc, in order that Alice can provide feedback to you.

Also, if you have an ipad at home let Alice know and she will send you an email inviting you to join joytunes.  If you click on the link Alice will email to you then you can access it for free.  First you will install the PianoMaestro app for older children and adults to learn.  Then you can install the Dustbusters (this will also be free to you) for the preschoolers and younger children to use.