​Online Piano Lessons
At Letts Music School, Alice teaches piano tutoring to adults through to children and parents of preschoolers with their children.  

You can benefit from the many advantages of opportunity to learn with us from home, anywhere in the world via online lessons.  We teach via Skype that is a 
free online video conferencing facility.    
If you are ready to get started now, register now to get your free consultation by clicking HERE.

In today's fast paced society where we have no time and are so busy running around here and there and everywhere, it is too easy to become complacent and not see what is right in front of us.  We can become neglect to see opportunities that are available to us. And many of these opportunities are completely free, including a myriad of video conferencing softwares such as skype.   There are five main advantages to taking piano lessons over skype with online courses.  These are Convenience and comfort, time, financial savings, student motivation and enhanced learning.  To read up on the advantages to taking skype piano lessons click HERE.

If you think skype piano lessons just wouldn't work for you or your child, you may be holding some fear around
the use of technology.  You may be prone to listening to that little negative voice that pops in telling you that you cannot get it.  That you cannot afford it.  Or that you don't know enough about computers to get it to work. Or that the virtual lesson could not possibly be as good as a lesson in person. Well these are simply myths.  To discover the myths surrounding skype piano lessons and how to avoid them, click HERE.

The day before each lesson Alice will send you an email with an outline of the lesson plan and objectives and a video to watch where Alice will talk you through the basics of what she will be teaching you (or your child) during your next lesson. Alice will also send you supplementary activity sheets / worksheets, that we will be using during lesson (these are in addition to your method workbook).

​Then, on the following day, you will be present during our lesson, as naturally, you will be operating skype, whether it be from your laptop or computer, smart TV, ipad or tablet, or smart phone.  

For preschoolers and children, not only will you be setting up the technical logistics for the piano lesson over skype, but you will also need to sit with your child during our lesson.  ​Because Alice is not able to be physically present during the piano lesson, you will need to give Alice a hand, literally, and assist your child with the activities as Alice goes through them in the lesson.  

AFTER Lesson
During our piano lesson, Alice will have made a video recording of our piano lesson.  At the end of the lesson Alice will email you the following:
  1. A summary of the lesson notes.
  2. A link to a (private and unlisted) video of our lesson for you to re-watch, so that you can practise the activities again at home (with your child) during the week and before our next lesson.
  3. A homework worksheet for you to do at home (with your child) before our next lesson.  

​Before the next lesson please let Alice know via email if you have any questions and if you request Alice will be happy to phone you at your convenience to discuss any concerns you have, before our next scheduled lesson.

Technology for learning

To help save time during lessons students are encouraged to utilise technology at home for music learning and music theory.  Some of these sites are listed for your convenience in the Resources page.  

It is useful if you set up your own free account on Youtube or Vimeo.  You can then make video recordings of your practise at home and upload your videos as private and unlisted.  You can then send the video links to me to review so that Alice can check the fingerings and technique etc, in order that Alice can provide feedback to you.

Piano Maestro
This is a very useful app that turns learning piano and piano practice into a sort of a video game.  It makes piano practice at home just that bit more exciting!  As a student of Alice's you will benefit from access to Piano Maestro at no charge to yourself.  

Please note, that you should not install Piano Maestro onto your device without first consulting Alice.  Please give Alice the email address that you wish to use on your Ipad.  Alice will then send an invitation to your email address from her teacher's account with Piano Maestro.  Because you are a student of Alice's you will not be required to pay the prescribed fee to use Piano Maestro, which provides you with a saving of approximately $9.00 USD per month.

Piano for preschoolers

Parents of preschoolers learning Wunderkeys piano are encouraged to practise singing and dancing the maths songs at home with their children.  

Also, if you have an ipad at home let Alice know and she will send you an email inviting you to join joytunes.  If you click on the link Alice will email to you then you can access it for free.  First you will install the PianoMaestro app for older children and adults to learn.  Then you can install the Dustbusters (this will also be free to you) for the preschoolers and younger children to use.

What next?
You've signed up with the registration form, and you've had your free consultation over skype. You've thought about it and now you're ready to start lessons.  Now they're just a few housekeeping matters for you to sort, and then we'll get started.
  • Make sure to sign the studio policy for this year and email, sign and mail, or sign and send in to students next lesson in order to be formally enrolled.
  • Make sure to have your username and password set up so that you can log into the online calendar and cancel and reschedule lessons, register for group classes and check out upcoming events.
  • For guidance on how to log into the studio website to download sheet music and lesson activities read this blog article by clicking here:-  https://letts.musicteachershelper.com/posts&postID=2254